Corner bookshelves

Corner bookshelves do not only add that sense of sophistication to your house but also have the sense of smartness and neatness that you would like it portrayed to your house guests. The bookshelves allow you the benefit of owning collections unto collection of books without it looking like you are hoarding. Listed below are some of the best corner bookshelves designs currently in the market.

To initiate with is the invisible bookshelf is a Miron Lior creation that can only comfortably accommodate books weighing a maximum of 15 pounds. The shelf has a maximum height of 16 inches. One need only has a screwdriver as all the hardware is included .The bookshelf has won several awards for its high level of innovativeness and imagination.

Have you ever wondered what to do with that conspicuous iron piping hanging on your walls? Well, the Industrial corner pipe shelf is the idea for you. This bookshelf only requires some DIY and you are good to go .The bookshelf has that chic ancient feel to your space. This phenomenal design is accredited to KKatz.


The cut shelves are a Tembolat GugKaev that allow you to easily access your bookshelf at night due to their lighting.
The Malaga: Equilibrium bookcase is a splendid invention by Alejandro Gomez. This bookcase is made of modules that are artistically and neatly stacked on each other at a specific angle. The bookcase can only accommodate 120 lbs of weight. Having this bookcase will certainly add that beautiful appeal to your house.

It would be right to assume that the inspiration behind the Handmade stacked Teacup shelf was a drone from the experience of one reading a book over a cup of tea .The above is a Scott Blackwell creation.

The Mebrure Oral creation is a bookshelf designed to help those who find the completion of an entire book quite a task no wonder its name has been read or will be read.

The Book tree bookshelf is one that will probably click with the nature lovers. The bookshelf takes the form and shape of a tree .The above is a Kostas

Syrtariotis creation .Like the Bookworm shelf by Ron Avad, the design is exquisite.

The check bookshelf is one with the shape of a tick or a right. The symbol shows the importance and meaning of a book. The V-shape design by Jongho Park is a design you will probably fall in love with.

The K-Workstation is a Miso Soup design with shelving and desk space incorporated as one .The above bookshelf helps one maximize on his or her workspace .It is made of bamboo making your space even neater.

Last in our list is the book seat bookshelf, one which is designed to have the shape of a seat .The urban design was ranked as one of the ‘ten must sees’ at the Toronto International Design show in 2008. The design went on to bag the award for best design at the Montreal International Design Show. The design’s creativity also won the SIDIM 2008 at the fishbowl.